Monday, July 15, 2013

Checkbook Register v2.0 has been published on Android Market


**** Update version 2.0 has been published to the Android Market ****
[ **** NOTE: When Upgrading to the paid version, if you have an SD card, your data will not be lost when uninstalling the demo, and then installing the paid version. The process will not remove or overwrite the transaction entries data that you already have made. Feel free to email us with any questions. **** ]
  • No Issues reported as of yet for version 2.0


  • v2.0
      • Various Bug Fixes
      • Database stability changes
      • Made some changes to the appearance of the application
      • Added some color to text in various screens in the application
      • Application Settings
        • Added a setup screen for selecting the colors for positive(income) and negative(expense) amounts
        • Security Related
          • Increased the check # character limit to 15
          • Increased password character limit to 25
          • Increased the password reminder question character limit to 250
          • Increased the password reminder answer to the question character limit to 150
          • Increased the password reminder email address character limit to 100
      • Search Filters
        • Filtered categories in search filters selection to only those that are actually used
        • Redesigned the layout of the Search Filters selection screen
        • Increased and standardized the font-size on the search filters selection screen
        • Changed the amount total to a sum of the amounts in the search results when searching transaction entries for an account
          • - Previously, the account balance was shown
      • Transaction Entry Screen
        • Changed credit transaction type to income, debit transaction type to expense
        • Redesigned the layout of the Checkbook Register transaction entry screen
        • Replaced the 0.00 amount in the transaction entry screen with instruction hint-text
        • Removed the account starting-balance amount label from the transaction list screen (you can view it by long-pressing on the account in the account screen, and select edit)
      • Account Register Transaction Lists
        • Added ability to choose entry amount colors for positive and negative amounts
        • Added Total Reconciled amount on transaction list screen AND on the account list screen
        • Changed the words Reconciled to Cleared, and Outstanding to Not-Cleared
        • Removed the Okay/Cancel check for when clearing/un-clearing transaction entries
      • Reports
        • Changed the income and expense button-images so that they now correspond with the correct report